Green Guys Pest Control and Solutions 

What makes Green Guys different then all the other companies that are out there?  Our goal is to provide you with the finest pest control experience while being as environmentaly conscious as possible. We achieve this through first identifying the pest in and around your home or office. Once we have a list of problems we then begin the research to determine what materials are needed that offer the lowest potential for harm followed with application techniques and exclusion methods. This is a departure from the spraying of broad spectrum pesticides all over the property that not only killed the offending pest, but also the beneficial insects that were or may have visited during the time of pesticide effectiveness. The industry standard is still paper contracts but this cannot and shouldn't continue. Green Guys paperless approach will provide you a copy of the service agreement and service report via email and/or text eliminating the waste of paper and ink.

Here's a fantastic opportunity, the opportunity to receive a year of free  pest control for your home by simply having your friends mention your name when signing up for pest control. When ten or more people mention your name you win.

Down below you will find pictures of me, the owner and operator of Green Guys Pest Control and Solutions Inc. Steven Golisch.  As lifelong native of San Diego​ I have spent the last decade servicing San Diego's families and business always providing the very best service treating your home as if it were my own.  Because I live,work, play and raise my young family in San Diego I have always done my part and then some when it comes to keeping our home as clean and healthy as possible. When I entered the industry I immediately saw ways to limit the amount of waste. Throughout the years I made suggestions that helped to improve the industry and became the trainer for the companies I worked for imparting these philosophies to new technicians in the industry. In doing this it was only a matter of time until Green Guys Pest Control And Solutions was born to further advance the industry towards a more sustainable model. 

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