Organic Pest Control Solutions in Lakeside, CA
What we do at Green Guys Pest Control And Solutions is provide your home or work space with a safe and pest free environment, devoid of heavily used synthetic pesticides, in exchange using environmentally friendly organic based pest control solutions and.
  1.      Protection of people, pets and the things you care most about from the pests that invade your home or workspace. Pests can bring disease, destruction, as well as side effects from the misapplication of chemicals used to control the pests. When homeowners or large companies with poor training practices apply pesticides, the result is over application leading to a hazardous environment for the non targeted insects and animals.                   
  2.       Protecting the environment, with the use of organic pesticides, proper identification of the pest and understanding of home construction allows us to use non pesticide remediation techniques to halt the ingress of pests into your home, allowing for less materials to be applied to the property.
Our Services

  1. IPM
    This service is Geared towards Schools, Preschools, Child Care Facilities, Any Healthy Schools Act Facility Senior Care Facilities, Churches and many other facilities that require a comprehensive plan. Using organic materials in conjunction with an environmentally conscious application methods when using synthetic options for maximum effectiveness and longevity
    This service is for those whose top priority is the use of pest mitigation materials that are derived from organic materials in conjunction with an environmentally conscious application method when using synthetic options for maximum effectiveness and longevity.
    Organic pest control materials are derived from ones living organic matter and non organic matter such as the oils pressed from the Chrysanthemum flower, peppermint oil, neem oil, diatomaceous earth, borate and many others origins. If there's a option for renewable biodegradable pesticides why not use them. At green guys we do.

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About us
Green Guys was started to change the current industry model of harsh materials sprayed over every surface of you home office or play area in an effort to exterminate every insect that was, or was not targeted or that was just passing through (bees for example). This is where the fundamental ideas of Green Guys come in to correct these obsolete practices. With an approach of using the lowest potential for harm materials with the least invasive techniques, we achieve a pest free environment that is healthier while safe guarding our environment.
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